Atris teller image and remote deposit capture solutions integrate with Jack Henry & Associates check image and item processing platform.

Gainesville, December 13, 2013 — Atris Technology announced it has completed certification for and deployed into production image exchange capabilities between Atris delivery channel solutions and the 4|sight check imaging system from Jack Henry & Associates. The integration leverages x9.37 industry standards for check image exchange between vendors, greatly reducing the certification effort between entities.

The initial Atris deployments have focused on the FlexTeller21 image capture at the teller window, allowing 4|sight to receive fully balanced teller transactions, including the automatic creation of virtual tickets to support item processing needs. Because transactions are balanced at the point of presentment, costs associated with back-counter scanning and balancing are eliminated.

About Atris Technology:

Atris Technology, Inc. is a provider of software automation that enables banks and credit unions to successfully compete in the rapidly changing financial marketplace. Key solutions include branch automation, real-time EFT processing, and home banking channels. Teller image capture and remote deposit processing exemplify its progressive delivery solutions.

Atris is headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, serving clients nationwide.

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