Teller Automation

FlexTeller from Atris Technology is a proven-successful, vendor-agnostic  teller solution serving the functionality demands of larger financial institutions while meeting the affordability requirements of smaller community banks. With one product, financial institutions can improve customer service, minimize errors, decrease losses, increase fee revenue, and maintain management control.

User Friendly Teller Operations

Designed for ease of use, FlexTeller guides inexperienced tellers through logical menus and streamlined workflow. New users respond quickly to the intuitive interface, dramatically reducing training demands.

Seasoned tellers operate with maximum efficiency: transaction workflow is automated and follows ergonomic concerns. The customer-centric workplace maximizes productivity without sacrificing comfort, making teller operations more attractive to current and future employees.

Variable Deployment Options

FlexTeller supports both PC-based and thin-client implementations. Atris specialists tailor deployments to ensure consistent transaction processing in even the most demanding environments. Robust integration with core account processing systems and numerous third party endpoints deliver a unified experience to end users with maximum efficiency and accuracy.