SIEM Benefits

SIEM serviceAtris SIEM Service delivers high value through its partnership with CorreLog, a multiple year member of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for SIEM systems. The CorreLog Server provides targeted security monitoring for your enterprise and, when coupled with Atris SIEM Service, extensive software installations are not required at the client site. The program is designed for high capacity, enterprise scale message aggregation, ease of navigation, small footprint, extensibility and high internal security, available in a single web-based console.


Event management personnel will utilize a comprehensive dashboard to quickly summarize correlation results. Dashboards are preconfigured to support key analytics in the financial services sector, demonstrating regulatory compliance. Additional Excel-based reporting populates spreadsheets with summary and detailed event information to support third-party report writers or to satisfy audit requests.


When analyzing information, a quick search through massive amounts of data is critical to the success of a SIEM solution. By employing high speed, real-time indexing, Atris users can search a terabyte of data for a particular keyword in less than one second. The performance of this engine rivals the fastest search engines currently available.


Atris SIEM Service provides both extensive data aggregation and archival capabilities. A single site can transmit more than 1 Gigabyte of data each day and remain available for immediate online access for several hundred days. Additionally, data archival with compression allows for years of information to be continuously secured. To assist with forensics and long-term analysis, archived data includes checksums and security codes.


Atris SIEM Service offers an entirely web-based system. All activities, including the establishment of logins and permissions, are achieved without in-house software or hardware. As a cloud-based solution, the server dedicated to each client operations is protected off-site and in compliance with FFIEC recommended best practices.

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