Debit Card Solutions

debit cardFlexATM is a full-featured, real-time authorization system working between the debit card and core banking processing systems. FlexATM enables real-time funds verification and account debit of ATM and Point of Sale transactions at any terminal location – including Internet purchases – providing consistency to this important delivery channel. Financial institutions eliminate exposure to overdraft situations caused by off-line, positive balance file authorizations.

Unlimited EFT connectivity

Utilizing industry standard specifications, FlexATM provides an online, real-time connection between a regional or national EFT processor/switch and virtually any core account processing vendor. The connection allows online authorization of customer accounts at your terminals, foreign terminals, and any point of sale (POS) device. Cardholders can perform ATM balance inquiries, ATM withdrawals/deposits, P2P transfers, and POS transactions in real time. Real-time processing reduces exposure to fraudulent cardholder activity and synchronizes debit card activity with other real-time delivery channels. 

Consistent Processing

Designed for continual uptime, FlexATM includes automation to efficiently handle during daily operations and provide contingency authorization options to deliver a consistent experience for cardholders. 

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