CarePack IT Services

When your business depends on people and technology, protecting operations is paramount. Unplanned downtime of your information technology infrastructure can mean lost revenue and opportunity. To compound the issue, the rapidly-evolving technology landscape means it is no longer realistic to expect one individual to support current and future trends; you need a team of experts who can effectively manage your IT environment today and keep you on the right migration path.

Atris Technology ensures you realize maximum efficiency from your employees and technology investments, all provided at a fraction of the cost versus hiring full-time technical personnel. Our CarePack and CarePack+ services are designed for businesses that require consistent operations, whether a ten workstation offices or a 1,000 node network.

Atris specialists provide nationwide support to clients who face regulatory compliance demands – whether Healthcare or Financial Services, our team of experts will help your business overcome challenges posed by new regulations. Even if your business does not face regulatory scrutiny, Atris IT services employs best practices from compliance-driven industries to better your data and business reputation.

Atris CarePack and CarePack+ services include:


Network Maintenance.

Managing a network involves a number of duties which can easily consume your available resources. Atris technical specialists streamline network management functions which can include establishing user accounts, resetting passwords, and managing Group Policy needs.


Hosted Email.

As an authorized Zimbra Business Service Provider, Atris provides a fully integrated email solution including feature rich email content, group calendars, scheduling, invitations and contact lists. As a hosted solution using your domain name, you will realize less maintenance, higher security, and lower costs versus in-house Microsoft Exchange. Enjoy scalability for your growing organization and the simplified integration between email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. In addition, our hosted solution provides two-way synchronization with your mobile devices: stay up to date with mail, contacts and calendar information while out of the office and away from your personal computer.


Email Encryption.

Businesses unknowingly divulge sensitive information every day – ensure policies are enforced with automated email encryption. Email content is analysed for possible security concerns such as credit card or social security numbers and when applied, encryption layers ensure only the intended recipient has access to the information.  Our encryption service includes customization to monitor specific lexicons for your industry, protecting your business from regulatory issues such as GLBA (for banking) and HIPAA (for healthcare).


Security and Log Monitoring.

Atris performs continuous monitoring of mission-critical systems to ensure threats to your IT infrastructure are identified in real-time, whether occurring from outside attacks or careless/malicious insider activity. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) includes offsite log archival which guarantees hackers cannot hide their activities.


HelpDesk Support.*

Our HelpDesk support specialists are experts at assisting end users regardless of experience level. Areas of focus include managing Microsoft Office products, Windows Operating System usage, printing functions, Internet access, E-mail, and troubleshooting peripheral/hardware devices. We support business critical applications every day for hundreds of clients across the country – we can support you too!


Desktop Support.

Atris provides desktop management services to deliver consistent operations and maintain security in your environment. No need to worry about lost productivity or sensitive information affecting you or your business needs.


Application Management.

Allow Atris HelpDesk specialists to manage your software deployments centrally to ensure faster and more consistent installations. Whether new installations or software updates, our HelpDesk professionals can manage operations from just a few devices to hundreds of machines.


Security Patch Management.

Protect against security threats with automated scanning of security patch updates, patch deployment, and audits of historic update information of both Microsoft products and popular third party applications like Java and Adobe Reader. Atris Specialists can provide best practices recommendations to help configure patch management deployments according to your business needs.


Hardware/Software Change Notifications.

Enjoy proactive oversight of your hardware assets including the software installed on these devices. Automated monitoring performed by Atris also reports on any hardware changes or new software installations performed by your personnel.


Virus & Spyware Protection.

Atris specialists protect against threats to your infrastructure using multiple layers of security including: expert firewall configuration, virus prevention, and potential data leakage through USB or CD/DVD peripherals.


Remote Control.

Atris HelpDesk specialists provide direct support using safe and secure remote control tools. Our remote access controls operate within demanding security environments such as banking and finance.


Onsite Support.*

Clients can take advantage of onsite support to meet specific project goals. Whether new hardware deployments, telecommunication upgrades or networking needs, onsite support is delivered with the expertise and professionalism your business deserves.


Backup Monitoring.

Atris specialists provide on-site system backups to ensure data integrity of your important business information.


*Available with CarePack+


Contact Atris Technology to discuss your business environment. Our technical specialists will provide an affordable and more streamlined solution, allowing you to focus on your business, not your infrastructure.

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