Des Moines, Iowa, Wednesday, October 13, 2010 – SHAZAM, Inc. and Atris Technology have completed certification of real-time electronic funds transfer (EFT) transaction processing middleware, FlexATM. The joint participation between both organizations ensures SHAZAM participants will enjoy the customer service benefits of online processing, yet maintain familiar reconciliation procedures.

Atris’s FlexATM is a middleware solution that simplifies the highly complex differences between EFT networks and core banking systems. Transactions performed by cardholders are authorized in real time, replacing the use of static balance files to streamline daily procedures. As a result, financial institution customers receive consistent balance information across all real-time touch points, reducing financial institution resources allocated to managing batch file discrepancies. FlexATM is a significant advantage to SHAZAM participants, making implementations a non-issue for financial institution personnel and allowing operational procedures to remain largely unchanged.

“We are committed to meeting the business objectives of our financial institution customers and we are delighted a significant number of them can enjoy the benefits of a real time solution at a highly competitive cost,” said Tom Miller, SHAZAM Senior Vice President of Sales.

“We understand the requirement to compete with better access to information and superior customer service but minimize costs wherever possible,” said Lon Davis, President of Atris Technology. “We are confident this is an opportunity to provide SHAZAM participants a reliable service that meets the functionality demands of large financial institutions yet addresses the ease of use and affordability requirements of community financial institutions.”

FlexATM is deployed across the U.S. in financial institutions ranging from de novo to more than $2 billion in assets. It is embraced by both EFT and core account processing vendors due to its “open” integration, which removes costly development resources typically required from these entities. Multiple implementations are underway with SHAZAM participating financial institutions, providing real-time connectivity into core processors that previously offered only a batch file option.


The SHAZAM network was founded in 1976 and is one of the last remaining member-owned and -controlled EFT networks and processors in the industry. SHAZAM provides EFT services to more than 1,500 community financial institutions in 30 states. SHAZAM is your single source provider for ATM processing, debit and ATM card processing, card authorization services, merchant processing, Automated Clearing House (ACH) services, information security solutions, and more.

About Atris Technology:

Atris Technology, Inc. is a software automation provider enabling banks and credit unions to successfully respond to rapidly changing regulatory demands. Key solutions include branch automation, real-time EFT processing, and compliance-driven management tools. Teller image capture and IT security solutions exemplify its progressive product suite. Atris Technology is headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, serving clients nationwide.

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