SIEM Services for IT Security

IT_SecuritySecurity Information and Event Management

In summary, SIEM protects your organization from internal threats to your IT security with real-time aggregation and analysis of security log data across multiple network devices and applications. By consolidating disparate system log messages of your network, sophisticated (but easily configured) rules correlate this information into understandable alerts and actions; these are reduced to actionable “tickets” which are sent to users and trigger remediation of incidents. Atris SIEM Service provides SIEM processing to support the operational needs of financial institutions. According to FFIEC IT guidelines, it is highly recommended log data be archived to a separate, isolated computer system and previously written data be protected from tampering/modification. Intruders will often attempt to conceal any unauthorized access by editing or deleting log files – Atris SIEM Service mitigates this risk by securely managing log data collection and normalization off-premise and fully secured.
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