solutions_ball-298x300Since our establishment, Hogan Financial Systems has been driven by our commitment to listen and respond to the needs of our clients. While our organizational roots are in business continuity and disaster recovery services, through the years we have been responding to new technical or compliance requirements within the industry. When clients needed an economical process to provide real time ATM/EFT services to their clients, CARD+ was born. As clients became aware of the painful exposure resulting from the lack of comprehensive backup and recovery strategy, VAULT+ was created – and so forth.

In other words, when your facing technical or operational issues, examiners and auditors, or simply looking for a better solution to your technology related needs – just ask us. We’ll provide the right solution for you!


VAULT+: Back-Up Protection

Our VAULT+ client institutions have access to backups of their data – all of it – on an on-premise server managed by Hogan Financial. We know that key data is everywhere and sometimes where it shouldn’t be, and that it can be accidentally deleted. Your backup data is de-duplicated, compressed, sent to our secure location, and made available to you in a disaster, or whenever you need it. Vault+ provides the ability to re-create your physical or virtual servers at our off-site location in a disaster. You’ll need only to make certain that you have internet access in a disaster; we’ll reconstruct your systems using backup images of system and data. Once you have acquired replacement servers, we’ll assist with re-deployment to the new hardware.

Why should my institution invest in VAULT+ :

Of course there are many off-site data storage providers. We specialize in financial institutions and understand their special needs, from ACH to FEDLINE to item processing and core systems. Trying to create your own backup system, at a branch or elsewhere, may look attractive on paper but in reality is wrought with difficulty. In a pinch, will your limited I.T. staff be available when you need to recover a file, a computer, or your entire network?


• Professional I.T. specialists managing your backups
• Complete assistance during a test exercise or an actual disaster when your data is needed
• System reconstruction services available during a disaster declaration
• Redundant backup at our primary and secondary hardened facility


CARD+ : Real-Time Transaction Authorization

CARD+ brings real-time balance updates to your customers when they swipe their debit card, all without you having to buy a single server or create a special link to your switch provider.

Why should my institution invest in CARD+:

If you’re not real-time, your customers are noticing. A balance on their smart-phone isn’t the same as the balance at the point-of-sale. They’re frustrated that a deposit they just made is not showing later that afternoon. CARD+ remedies this by linking your core system directly to your switch processor.


• Real-time updates to balances will delight your customers
• Reduce fraud at your institution – debits will show immediately on your core system
• No additional servers or links to your switch – we handle this for you
• No-nonsense, reasonable per-transaction pricing means minimal up-front investment


CORE+ : Hosting & Operational Services

CORE+ is a housing & operations service for your “in-house” core system. Choose your vendor, make your purchase, then have Hogan house and operate your system for you. Our team of experienced conversion specialists can also manage the conversion process for you.

Why should my institution invest in CORE+ :

Our CORE+ clients have already purchased their in-house core system. They wanted the savings over a data center offering, particularly after having fully depreciated their investment, but they did NOT want the hassles of in-house system management. Our team performs nightly “updates”, backups, software upgrade installations, and year-end. We’ll sit down with you and decide the functions with which you’d like to entrust us.


• Benefits of “in-house” ownership without the operational hassle
• Software patches, year-end, backups are all our responsibility, not yours
• No concerns about operational staffing and expertise
• We’re advocates for our clients in times of software or vendor


SERVER+ : IT Systems Management

Today there are many confusing “cloud” hosting services available. Do you trust them with your institution’s data? Where is the data stored? Is it secure? How is it backed up? What do the regulators think? Can you get to a real person when there’s a problem? We host our clients’ infrastructure in a secure facility designed from the ground up for community institutions like yours.

Why should my institution invest in SERVER+ :

Our clients enjoy the benefits of infrastructure hosting without the worries. Coupled with our VAULT+ services, you can get back to the business of your institution and leave I.T. headaches to our professionals at Hogan.

• Secure, audited hosting built from the ground-up for community institutions
• Easily add more storage, more systems, more performance without new system outlay
• System management, monitoring, backup, patch management are all handled by our staff
• More than just a hosting site, we’re specialists in financial institutions.


Itemfinal-300x201ITEM+ : Item Processing Support

Item+ is a complete item processing solution for your institution. Scan your items behind the teller line and leave the rest to us. We’ll balance, send posting files to your core, cash letters to your correspondent, send images to your statement vendor & internet banking – all according to YOUR policies and YOUR schedule.

Why should my institution invest in ITEM+ :

Item+ is the remedy for the many frustrations our clients’ face with their current item processing system, system storage, endless software upgrades, etc. Call Hogan Financial Systems today and tell us about your item processing frustrations – We Can Help!


• Easy and straight-foward billing
• Software and storage management become our responsibility
• Flexible services – you can key & balance your items or have our professionals do it for you
• We will handle her image transfers and access for internet banking & statements printing access


vCIOfinal-300x147vCIO+ : Adhoc Consultative Services

With vCIO+, or “Virtual Chief Information Officer” we can manage all facets of your institution’s technology. We believe I.T. exists to serve your institution & your customers – not the other way around! Are your challenges in compliance, strategic planning, systems and applications, audit & exam response management, policies, end-user support, or elsewhere? We can help! vCIO+ is more than a one-person assignment: It’s an entire team of financial systems professionals supporting your institution.

Why should my institution invest in vCIO+ :

IT strategic decision making can be treacherous with the ever changing technology, compliance, new service offerings, etc. Let Hogan Financial Systems put our years of financial technology management to use for you.

• Access to a skilled pool of technology and banking professionals
• Control technology costs while leveraging your capital investments
• Professionally-delivered modules of customized consultative services to meet your needs


Supportfinal-300x106SUPPORT+ : User Desktop Support

*More information about our +SUPPORT solution will be announced at a later date.

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