Eliminate the need for buying and safe-keeping pre-printed official checks. Print checks on-demand onto blank stock.

Gainesville, June 6, 2011 — FlexTeller and FlexTeller21 from Atris Technology now include MICR check printing capability to make the check printing process easier and more secure for client financial institutions. Using any laser printer and MICR toner, personnel who are logged in and authorized can now print finished checks directly onto blank check stock. FlexTeller and FlexTeller21 merge the official check imagery such as the logo, address and special fonts, together with the date, payee, remitter and amount to produce a finished, official check. The software automatically increments the check number for the next check printed to ensure proper audit trails remain intact. Check printing includes customer and internal copies using 3-part laser perforated blank stock.

“MICR check printing capability responds to the two most pressing concerns of financial institutions today: reducing costs and increasing security,” said Lon Davis, President of Atris Technology, Inc. “This new enhancement to our software eliminates the need to buy expensive pre-printed check stock and to devote resources to keeping it from falling into the wrong hands. And should there be a need to change the look or information on the official check, the change can be quickly made and no inventory of supplies will be rendered obsolete.” Mr. Davis pointed out.

About Atris Technology:

Atris Technology, Inc. is a provider of software automation that enables banks and credit unions to successfully compete in the rapidly changing financial marketplace. Key solutions include branch automation, real-time EFT processing, and home banking channels. Teller image capture and remote deposit processing exemplify its progressive delivery solutions.

Atris is headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, serving clients nationwide.
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