RDC Processing Overview

remote depositMerchant / Corporate Account Benefits.

  • Eliminate branch deposit runs by performing deposits from their place of business
  • Deposits can be performed more than once a day, even extending business day cutoff times
  • With geography less important, businesses with multiple offices can simplify their bank relationships by eliminating branch accounts that serve separate locations
  • Earlier deposits using check imaging allows a financial institution to process and clear items more easily, resulting in better funds availability schedules to the business
  • Faster deposit processes enable businesses to identify and reduce the risks associated with returned items
  • The user-friendly system design is easy to use by any employee
  • Scanner hardware is tailored to the processing goals of each business, making implementation as affordable as possible
  • Simple Internet connectivity

Processing Benefits.

  • Leverages Check 21 legislation
  • Automatic MICR and optional CAR/LAR capabilities further streamline the deposit process, especially for larger business accounts
  • Image quality analysis is integrated to ensure items are processed efficiently
  • Deposit information is securely transmitted to the financial institution using SSL data encryption
  • Following NACHA guidelines, permitted items can be converted to ACH debits
  • Depending on processing objectives, applications can be tailored to support both low and high volume depositors

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