Back Counter

Financial institutions may rely on back counter deployments to serve a variety of processing goals. Variances in per-deposit item volumes, personnel expectations, or front counter and back counter blended solutions are all part of the considerations for effective distributed capture deployments.

Branch scanning provided by Atris Technology makes image capture simple, fast and accurate. Large batches of scanned items are automatically sorted into their separate transactions and color-coded according to the action item required. In addition to ease of use, optional scanner speeds ensure the right balance between throughput and processing volume is met.

Additional Integration

Unlike stand-alone solutions deployed by item processing vendors, Atris Technology has the unique ability to integrate traditionally processed FlexTeller transactions with back counter image capture. This integration provides validation all items have been accounted for at the time of capture and balance back to the original teller transaction. This immediate verification eliminates error corrections identified by other departments and ensures all items are accounted for at the time of scanning.

Atris Technology’s back counter solutions can also support overflow from front counter processing with FlexTeller21 deployments. This ensures every transaction is completed within acceptable customer wait times while limiting hardware costs and is most effective when per-item deposit counts have large variances.