FlexAccounts Integrated Features

ladies behind a laptopNew accounts representatives are required to perform numerous functions to support the opening of each account. Robust integration within FlexAccounts greatly simplifies this process, enabling representatives to focus on their customer, not their terminal.

  • Existing customer information can be populated by the core system, eliminating the management of a secondary CIF database
  • Field definitions, including field size, type of data allowed, and required/optional indicators will ensure users to collect important customer information
  • Help message creation, providing bank-specific prompts associated with internal bank procedures or cross-selling opportunities
  • Selection of third party forms provider or in-house documentation, including data population and electronic forms archive
  • Certificate of Deposit rate creation and rate modification as rates change
  • Selection of a bank logo to personalize the system for users and customers
  • Automatic loading of ATM or Debit card numbers into the system
  • Digital signatures can be captured and archived automatically into FlexVerify, enabling subsequent viewing at the teller line for FlexTeller
  • Integration with third party customer verification services are part of system workflow
  • Check ordering services automatically include secure account and customer information data transfers
  • Core banking system integration includes custom defined fields to fully complete new account creation
  • System changes feature easy distribution to all new accounts desks

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